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Hybrid Construction emerges as a pioneering initiative that offers concrete construction services through tailored modules, which can be conveniently delivered to the site or constructed on-site. The creative marque chosen for the brand was a marque that adeptly mirrored the service of their modular block-building provided.


National Theatre Posters

created WITH Crespo Design

An internal information campaign for The National Theatre's exclusive, series of events at Broadgate. A curated series of events and workshops for residents and employees.


El Zarapito de Piedra

A boutique olive oil producer based in Mallorca, known as El Zarapito de Piedra (Stone Curlew), wanted to create a unique label for their grove's limited product. Guided by his passion for birdwatching, the producer, David Alexandra, found inspiration in the presence of the Spanish Curlew, a frequent inhabitant of the grove's surroundings.



created WITH Crespo Design

A campaign aimed at increasing awareness about a housing project in the Southwark Council borough was launched. This initiative effectively communicated future housing opportunities to the diverse local community. The Southwark London Borough Council, overseeing the Greater London area, initiated this effort, which led to positive outcomes within the residents of the London Borough of Southwark.


University of London

created AT Them.studio

The University of London's leading flexible learning program enables students to study remotely from anywhere in the world with access to top experts. To raise awareness of this program, the university launched a marketing campaign aimed at individuals seeking an internationally recognised degree from the prestigious University of London.

The campaign graphic device utilised the shield which animated into different course related objects, showing connectivity, translated visually.

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