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The Old Hospital is a Victorian-era cottage hospital that operated until its closure in 2015. The property was subsequently acquired by Haste Housing Association and SouthGen, with the aim of serving the local area as a community space. Through the generous contributions of community members, renovation funds were raised, and the space was transformed to accommodate the Southwold Library, three community businesses, and affordable housing.

During the project's development phase, I was given the task of creating an identity that captured the community's vibrancy. The goal was to embody the forward-thinking and dynamic spirit of Southwold, which would instil a sense of pride in the older generation while sparking the curiosity of future generations.

UI DESIGN | Branding | logo Design

Work created at Them Studio, Lewes.

"Josh had an impressive ability to visually communicate the essence of our community project, with a captivating sense of positive vibrancy that we wanted to achieve. The result was a timeless design, with three cohesive sub-brands.  I very much appreciated Josh’s collaborative approach, the fact that he is such a good listener, and how quickly he made changes which captured exactly what we hoped to achieve.”  

jessica degrazia

project director
Town Councillor

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